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We adhere to AHA standards, and provide training at times
convenient for you and your staff; day, night, or weekend.
We'll even come to your facility.

Lakewood United Methodist Church Child Care Staff
Lakewood United Methodist Church Child Care Staff

CPR Plus offers the following courses:
Class size is a minimum of 6 students per class in the Greater Little Rock area
for the following courses:

  • Heartsaver CPR is a CPR course designed for use in the workplace, daycare, or any non-medical facility. Students are instructed in adult, child and infant CPR. Also included in this course are the skills needed to save someone who is choking.

  • ٭Cost per participant: $45.00

  • Heartsaver First Aid covers all aspects of basic first aid to include emergency use of the epi pen, seizures, and bleeding control to name a few. We can combine the Heartsaver CPR  course to this and complete OSHA's compliance for your workplace under 29 CFR 1910.151 "Medical Services and First Aid". For more information visit www.OSHA.gov.  This is a common package for general Industry, construction, and daycares.
    ٭Cost per participant: $45.00 First Aid
    ٭Cost per participant: $75.00 First Aid/CPR
  • Healthcare Provider CPR is  a course for individuals working in the Health profession, EMTs, Nurses, and Dental workers.
    Cost per participant: $45.00 plus.

  • Healthcare Provider CPR Renewal course is  for the person that is holding a current Healthcare provider card and is not expired. Renewal courses can be brief depending on the current knowledge of CPR.  Note: There is not a book included for this course.
    Cost per participant: $45.00

  • Bloodborne Pathogen course is a16 minute video and addresses the major areas needed to comply with the standard, including:
       Contents of the OSHA standard
       Epidemiology & symptoms of bloodborne diseases
       Modes by which bloodborne diseases are transmitted
       The Exposure Control Plan
       Personal protective equipment
       Practices to prevent exposure
       Signs, labels & containers
       Emergency procedures
       Follow-up procedures
    Cost per participant: $15.00 per person and must be added to a course listed above.

We have taught and received an excellent rating from some of
Arkansas' biggest companies.

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